Video Testimonials or Reviews Service (by REAL Actors)



Video Testimonials or Reviews Service (by REAL Actors)

TOP 18 Reasons Clients Stay With Us:

1» Advanced Techniques: 
  •  We provide high-tech custom video testimonials with high-resolution and interaction. These visually attractive and persuasive videos will instantly increase the production value of your business in an attractive way! We specialize in creating even most complex concepts using modern enhancements and advanced technical support.
2» Attractive Presentation: 
  •  Very positive and persuasive atmosphere will help you to create great review of service or a product! These video commercials are a great way to clearly explain and review product, service or business to your customers !


3» Wide Range of Uses : 
  •  You’ll get PROFESSIONAL VIDEO REVIEWS/TESTIMONIALS which can be an intro for your YouTube Channel, Website Intro, Game intros, Teasers, Short films, Promos, Marketing campaigns, Event promotion, Presentation for a project website or business, Branding, Special events, Product advertising, Commercial projects, Promo sales and so on….
4» For All Business Types: 
  •  Perfect for any business, especially the video-related business that emphasizes on speedy service, fast streaming and technology. Regardless what kind of video you need, we can make it happen for you (provided it’s legal, moral and ethical)! This video service can be for Product and business Reviews, TESTIMONIALS, YOU TUBE CHANNEL INTROS, BIRTHDAYS, JOKES TO FRIENDS etc…
  • Most TOPICS as whether you need a video testimonial for a product or service, we can do it. We accept most kinds of businesses and provide you with high-quality video testimonials.
5» Unique Videos: 
  •  High-quality video reviews/testimonials. All of our videos are custom tailored to our clients’ specifications, no two videos are alike. We’ve been in this industry for years. We know what it takes to please our clients .
6» Credibility: 
  •  These video testimonials or reviews will instantly build Business Credibility & Trust towards a business/website.
7» Persuasive: 
  •  Our experienced team endeavors to create video testimonials\reviews that promote your products and brand in a highly sophisticated way. Our strong call to actions PROVEN to get you loads of visitors!
8» Unforgettable: 
  • We create video testimonials\reviews that convert more prospects, maintain attention, can create more opt-ins and explain your message in an unforgettable way. This is perfect for explaining your business, product, website, app, or services to your customers!!
9» Increase Traffic & Sales: 
  • Our web video packages have been designed to grab more and more traffic to help you close more sales, attract new clients and boost up your business. Video Testimonial Packages for Every Need… Regardless Of Length, Quantity OR Even Language.
    If you are really interested to take your business to the heights, then approach us for persuasive Video Testimonials\Reviews.
10» High Resolution & Flexibility:
  • Videos are delivered in High Definition (HD) format that allows for streaming via the internet and are compatible with iPad / iPhone. Available in any video file formats.
11» Quality & accuracy: 
  •  Our professional Project Managers & QA process ensure 100% accuracy for the final video. Each project undergoes 4 levels of checking to maintain excellent quality and accuracy.
12» Complete Process:
  • We handle everything right from creating a professional video to its distribution in the most popular networks (if needed).
13» 100% Guaranteed Submissions:
  • If you order the submission process, you will get a detailed report that contains exactly where your videos have been submitted and published. We use most popular networks for submission to get your video highly ranked.
14» Convenience:
  • As a one-stop solution for all video needs we offer our clients a hassle-free and convenient service.
15» Customized turnaround times:
  • We provide persuasive video testimonials\reviews, while maintaining a quick turnaround time, as per the client requirements.
16» Award Winning Support:
  • 100% quality customer support – good communication is always a key in creating the perfect business. We offer you full support and will be available to you on Skype, email and phone before, during and after creating your video testimonials\reviews.
  • 100% Maximum Satisfaction Guaranteed (We ensure to provide all our services in an accurate and qualitative manner).
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee, (Refund Policy)
  • 100%  Powerful, Professional & Exciting work.
  • 100%  secure video testimonials & transfer using cutting edge technology.
  • We always OVER-DELIVER!


  •  After a Quick Research; this is probably The Best Deal That you will find.
  • Normal price is 1 minute would be $125 but here we are Giving You a Mind-Blowing Discount!
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